Trade Show Booth Rental Company in Houston

Expo Stand Services is a trade show booth rental company in Houston that delivers wonders

Planning and creating a trade show booth can be an expensive and time-consuming process, even for experienced exhibitors. If you're planning a trade show in Houston to take your business to the next level, you need an exhibitor partner who will set you apart from the crowd of exhibitors. That's one of the many reasons why Houston trade show attendees turn to Expo Stand Services and make it a trade show booth rental company in Houston for a renting booth at a lower cost than owning their own. So, if you are looking for the best trade show booth display company in Houston, you have come to the right place. We are a well-known name of trade show booth builder in Houston, providing end-to-end services. We have left no stone unturned to offer unique trade show display rental In Houston as per your requirements and specifications. Expo Stand Services was established in 2008, and since then, we have become the largest and most respected trade show booth rental company in Houston. With our factory in the city, we build dedicated trade show display rentals In Houston. Expo Stand Services has a variety of award-winning designs, and one of the largest rental warehouses available in the USA offers an architectural look without the high cost of ownership.

Our major offering as a trade show booth rental company in Houston includes the size of the trade show:

The Expo Stand Services team of highly skilled professionals is always ready to guide you through every step of your trade show as we strive to satisfy the exhibitor's needs. To ensure that we offer a variety of booth sizes, some of them are:


The 10X10 booth size may be smaller or smaller than you expected, but it will fit your budget. But there's a lot you can do to make your booth stand out. Many others are concerned about the same space, but with our 10x10 trade show display rental in Houston, you can make the most of your space. You can be sure to attract your customers with the best design and lighting. In this area, you can place a screen, a counter, and a small seating area for customers at the back. We can fit your essential items into a 10x10 modular display to better showcase your business.


This is the right height for the center if you need a little more space for the screen to show other paths. Having professional and fantastic trade show booth design in Houston is always a must. There is a window lighting option to reflect your customers in your exhibit area better. There's a lot of room to add with the 10X20 screen model. You can set up a booth, sit in front of customers, showcase your products, or even conduct a demo session with customers.

An extra that is excellent for this duration is the characteristic shelving at the back of your display. This lets you exhibit what objects and services you provide. We can help you optimize your place in the exhibit area as a way to hold customers in and share your objects or services with as many human beings as possible.


Anything you could not remember to have in your exhibit area is possible in the 20X20 trade show display rental In Houston. There is a vast amount of place to put all your ideas to use in life. A particular feature that is possible during this duration is a double deck display. This booth might be fine for discussions or demos to leave out from the hustle of the trade show. The possibilities are infinite in this vast area. We are more than satisfied to help you customize your place to make the most of it as your trade show booth rental company in Houston.

Why opt for a trade show display rental In Houston?

Renting is the clever desire for today's exhibitors. It reduces the workload of your body of workers while supplying the ability to accommodate booth sizes. A trade show display rental in Houston, will be designed to decrease your labor, delivery, and drayage costs. Also, we, as a trade show booth rental company in Houston, assist in keeping away from more charges for maintenance, refurbishment, pull and prep, and storage, making it more straightforward for your finances in addition to your workers. With Expo Stand Services, you could have a custom trade show display rental In Houston that aligns together along with your brand message for a fragment of the value of owning.

Why Choose us as your trade show booth rental company in Houston?

In-House Display Design and Manufacturing

With a production base and an abundance of the latest machinery, we perform speedy designing and superior manufacturing to satisfy your needs. Along with:

  • Creative designs and unequaled designs
  • Quick manufacturing and delivery
  • Cost-effectiveness and smooth affordability

On-Site Support & Services

A dedicated site manager is assigned to be at the display ground with you to provide brief and expert help to anyone who is experienced in technicalities. We also help you set up and dismantle the trade show booth rental in Houston.

Competitive prices

Since our founding in 2008, we have gained a lot of experience, built networks, and learned how to integrate the supply chain, which has led to lower overall costs. We, as a trade show booth rental company in Houston, work with cost savings in mind. 

Free trade show booth design in Houston

We serve as a famous trade show booth rental company in Houston and offer a free business plan design. Our design team will contact you to bring your ideas to life.

Even if you already own one or more spare parts, sometimes it can be wise to rent them. For example, if you are attending more than one show or want to expand one of your existing shows, trade show display rental In Houston. Expo Stand Services has a large inventory of display rentals that we can customize to offer the perfect display for your needs as a leading trade show booth rental company in Houston.